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Origami English Alphabets A to Z: How to Fold Papers to be Letters A to Z

Length: 753 pages5 hours


What is "Origami"?

Origami or paper folding work is the art of paper folding such as fold a bird,fold a plane, fold a hurt and actually can be folding many thing that unexpected to folding papers are not only for make toys, it also give us more benefits than we think.....

Origami English Alphabets A to Z - How to fold papers to be letters A to Z

This book will show you how to fold papers to be capital letters A to Z. It will show 2 styles of folding with step by step since start until finish. You will able to learn the correctly folding skill and can be give your works to another as a gift also.

Bonus in book: How to fold the number 0-9 and the symbols + - x ÷.

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