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The Property

Length: 299 pages4 hours


Mel Byers can handle just about anything from snakes in toilets to residents who sing opera in the nude, as well as a jealous district manager who wants to trade her to a dumpy apartment community. As the youngest manager for Franklin Properties, an apartment trust headquartered in Dallas, Mel's record is stellar until dangerously poor construction is discovered on her property, a serial rapist attacks one of her leasing agents, and employees start to die. Bribery, blackmail, homicide, sexual harassment...the list of criminal offenses is long and so is the list of suspects in The Property.

Two suitors vie for Mel's attention: Kevin Stoner, the lovable, laid back insurance investigator, and Raif Keegan, the handsome, brash police detective. Focused on the fast track of her career and wary of commitment, Mel pushes away the one she loves. Both men rush to her rescue when the criminal perpetrator targets Mel for elimination. She proves she is a woman capable of handling herself, and she discovers love and commitment are not mutually exclusive to her future.

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