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A Hard Place (Noble Dimensions 3 Novella)

Length: 71 pages1 hour


Nevada Game Warden Shawn Murphy is an experienced agent in the rugged Paiute Mountain range. Sent to track down a poacher who’s killing small game from his truck, he discovers the perp—a falconer, illegally shooting wildlife for his falcon.

The miscreant, a “hippie”-looking man with long, lustrous hair, has lost his bird and is injured too. In helping Dylan Morgan overcome his injury, Shawn also begins to learn how to see the wildness and hunger in himself and the other man as well.

On the verge of a close commitment, Shawn is plunged into peril when he becomes the target of a killer of endangered bighorn sheep. Near death in the pitiless desert, a mere dot on a matrix for his searching lover, Shawn finds himself between a hard place—and a rock.

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