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Parenting Your Child in a Nigerian Boarding School

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Are you a parent who has a child in a boarding school in Nigeria? Do you want to be exposed to the evils and ungodliness that have corrupted the boarding school system in Nigeria for many years now?

This book shows you how to select the right boarding school in Nigeria for your child. It also teaches you how to relate effectively with the school, class teacher and subject teachers in your child's boarding school. You will also learn how to stop sexual harassment against your child in a boarding school. This guide will also expose you to how you can prevent homosexuals and lesbians from introducing your child into these sinful and future-destroying acts in a boarding school.

Every parent who has a child in a boarding school or who intends to enroll a child in a boarding school in Nigeria must read this book. Save your child from the evils of sexual harassment, homosexualism, lesbianism and examination malpractices.
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