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The Secret of Becoming A Billionaire By Writing Conspiracy Theories

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The only way to become incredibly rich and sit in your underwear on the beach all day, is to write conspiracy theories. That's right. There is no other way...unless you want to work for an evil boss. All those other gurus have been lying to you. You know why; to keep you a slave in your own mind. And to keep you buying their books.

All is revealed in this book. Which is free, by the way.

By publishing this book and exposing their secrets, the writer is probably already in the torture chambers of the Illuminati right now. So the only thing you can do for him is to at least download his book and read every word in it. And then spread the word.

Remember, all I can offer is the truth. You are not going to like it, but swallow the red pill and see how deep the mole hole really goes...

If, after reading this book, you are not at least a multi-millionaire by twelve o clock tomorrow, write me an email immediately. I promise I will feel so bad for you, that I will go out and spend five hundred dollars on myself. I will then sent you the photos of me enjoying myself to make you feel better.

What are you waiting for...

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