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In this full-length novel by Van Allen, a young couple hopes to rekindle their relationship in a remote mountain cabin. Their get-away from the city quickly turns into a desperate fight for survival when they run into a vicious killing machine, a natural predator.

The local hunting professional has this to say:

“I spect grizzlies would kill more people if it were true that grizzly bears wanted to eat people. That’s what city folk thank. There ain’t no truth to that. Grizzlies don’t want to eat people. If they did there’s plenty people to eat and people is easier to kill than most other creatures in these here woods. If anything, grizzly bears kill people to get rid of they nuisance, meddlin, holdin hands skippin through the woods with headphones on listenin to Bob Marley or some stupid s--- like they own the world. Git one thang straight. See out here in these here woods, you is the nuisance, an unnatural nuisance. You the pathetic contradiction to nature. Thank cause you got a gun, that evens the score? Well it don’t even nothing, not a d--- thang. And if you slip and forget for one minute who’s got the real advantage, you’ll be dead. You’ll be dead.”

~Contains adult references, adult situations, horror, violence, adult language, and mature themes.

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