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Homecoming: Vol. 3

Length: 296 pages4 hours


KENT AND SARAH CRODIN continue to age gracefully as their children grow to become young adults. It isn’t easy for all concerned, as Wendy and Teddy don’t take the road most traveled.

Head strong as ever, WENDY keeps her vow and leaves Clayton County. Seeking a career in large animal veterinarian medicine, she takes off for Lexington and the University of Kentucky to work with horses. A Daddy’s girl for most of her life, she is surprised to find herself following her mother’s footsteps. Will she ever come back to live in Clayton? If you ask Teddy, he’ll say it’ll never happen.

TEDDY’S another story, though. Happy to live in Clayton he has no inclination to leave. Wilma’s café is his home and Zoey is his buddy. Why change? Suddenly, left without his best friend he has to go it alone and finds the going rough. When he finally finds love in his life he feels awkward and inadequate. Can he make it happen? He’ll have to grow up quick.

ZOEY feels there is no future in Clayton County and heads for business school in Indianapolis, replacing her old life for a new one. Love, however, has a way of calling us home. The wisdom of her mother, Niki, shows Zoey that she is her own worst enemy...clearly conniving and scheming won’t work when it comes to matters of the heart. Will Zoey’s manipulation get her man to the altar – or will it backfire on her?

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