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Othernaturals Book Four: Preta

Length: 319 pages5 hours


They are isolated in the mountains, the hunger is growing, and they are running out of time.

Rosemary Sharpe leads her Othernaturals team to the mansion in the Rocky Mountains where her rock-star grandfather and his friends once gathered. Among the musicians and artists who still commune there are a wolfish groundskeeper, whose animal magnetism is irresistible to psychic vampire Sally Friend, and an unwelcome intruder from Rosemary's own carefully guarded past.

The Othernaturals have come to help a former freedom rocker who has fallen under a hunger hex. In the secluded mountainside mansion, however, they find not one hexed woman but an infection spreading out of control, sending the houseguests into a ravenous frenzy. The victims are becoming the "preta," warped by a vengeful entity targeting anyone who has led a life of greed. One by one, avenues of escape disappear, and the house falls further into madness.

Whether the infection's spread is natural or paranormal, someone seems determined to keep the Othernaturals trapped on the mountain until all souls have been judged - and in the world of the preta, the guilty are punished, but the innocent are eaten.

Preta is the fourth book of paranormal investigations by the gifted cast of the webshow "Othernaturals".

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