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Songs of Revelation

Length: 359 pages5 hours


As the youngest of a large family of girls, Kyrie never aspired to anything more than marrying some local boy and living life of obscurity. Instead, her father marries her to a powerful foreign king, where she becomes the latest in a series of wives. Alone but for her best friend Breka, Kyrie struggles to find her footing within the nest of intrigue, politics, and prophecies.

Once her childish habit is revealed to be something far more powerful, Kyrie has to be on her guard against everyone, including those she should be able to trust. With her husband's ambitions exposed, she must find new allies and summon her strength to survive, even as danger preys on those she loves. If she can learn to play the game successfully, the peace will be maintained. If not, the kingdoms of Nionosea will disintegrate into war.

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