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Virgin Sacrifice to The Aztec Lords, Mounted By Montezuma and His Aztec Gang

Length: 30 pages28 minutes


"You've been a bad girl haven't you?" He says with a wry smile.
"Please no," I whisper in a trembling voice, "I haven't been, I swear I'm a virgin, I promise you."
He smiles again and leans closer to me as he speaks, "maybe you are, maybe you aren't, there's only one way to find out is there?"

When Erendira is taken by soldiers of the great Aztec emperor to become a blood sacrifice to the Gods, she thinks her life is about to end. What she doesn't know is that with every four virgins who are humiliatingly inspected in front of cheering crowds on the steps of the Pyramid of the Moon, there is always one who is pulled away. That virgin is declared in front of everyone to be a dirty little harlot, and then taken to a secret chamber deep within the Emperor's palace where the punishments that await her will stretch her to her limits and teach her to truly submit to an Aztec lord.

The following story contains anal play, a humiliating public examination, punishment, plenty of spankings, whippings and a rough first time for a panting young girl over the age of eighteen, who is going to learn to take her punishment and like it.

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