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The Legacy

Length: 313 pages5 hours


When Christina Nordohl meets wealthy English widower, Richard Farrington, in Stockholm, it changes her life. They fall in love, and she returns to England with him as his wife. On his death twelve years later, Richard bequeaths Christina and her young daughter a great house, land, money, and a priceless Hebrew manuscript.
But Richard’s legacy comes with a downside in the form of his turbulent, hate-filled son,
Alan, who has been disinherited. At his father’s funeral he announces that he will contest the will, and has discovered something that will tear Christina and her daughter’s world apart. Among the team defending Christina is the cold and sinister Swede, Rolf Wallberg—what is his real motive for taking the case? Christina neither likes nor trusts him. But neither of them can resist the force that brings them together.

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