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Unscrambled Eggs

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Unscrambled Eggs personifies personal growth and spiritual inspiration. It is a self-reflection and journey to find one's purpose in life. Unscrambled Eggs is a profound and riveting collection of poetry that enlightens; it is honest and thought-provoking book which speaks the way of life and the world. The poems in this book were written over a five year period and reflects the author's experiences, those close to her, and issues that she cares very passionately about.

Having no formal training as a writer, she learned to write poetry by reading psalms from the Bible and by emulating poets she admired - namely Maya Angelou. Nadia most enjoys reading and writing poems that inform, offer value, add depth and give meaning to the daily lives of readers. She believes that this book encompasses all those traits without being overtly preachy. Though the overall theme of the book is about one's purpose, it is not a how-to-book, but a source with which readers can relate to in some form. The author explains that she did not set out to write a manuscript, "Unscrambled Eggs" was a belief that evolved over time. Nadia credits life's lessons as the prime inspiration for this book.

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