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One Way Trip

Length: 110 pages54 minutes


Martin rockets from Earth to establish the first human colony on the Red Planet. He and fellow volunteer astronaut Jomo make the dangerous seven-month slingshot across space knowing they will never return. Traveling to Mars was once thought impossible because there was no way back. But that was before anyone planned to make the journey a one way trip.

Personal tragedy has honed Martin and Jomo into ideal candidates, with a unique ability to endure and a resolve to abandon humanity for their isolated outpost. But as they struggle to adapt to the barren planet, they can still feel the pull of the blue dot in the sky.

For Martin, it’s the memory of his childhood love, Gwen. On Earth, fate conspired to keep them apart. But with no chance to turn back, the love of Martin’s life gives him new regret for abandoning Earth. Now, despite an abyss spanning millions of miles and no way to cross it, Martin wants to go home.

One Way Trip follows Martin’s extraordinary life journey from Earth to Mars, as he confronts his past with Gwen, in a quest for an impossible future together.

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