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Atapi Sorceress

Length: 827 pages13 hours


Seventeen-year-old Jai Cassidy is beginning her mission of reversing the decline of the non-humanoid Atapi. As a sorceress and an Atapi-Human hybrid, she is vehemently disliked by the male Atapi sorcerers and the humanoid rulers of Korvu.
Regardless of the opposition, Jai is still determined to protect and nurture the Atapi. However, her task is complicated by the treacherous activities of a group of alien engineers, who are inciting insurrection and harsh reprisals.
As an outsider, Jai can see the truth of the conflict. Using sorcery and her native human cunning, she must convince the fiercely independent sorcerers to work with their humanoid enemies and the powerful Galactic Enforcers – and then convince Korvu’s rulers to stop persecuting the Atapi, and allow them to grow stronger and regain their rightful place as defenders of Korvu.
Suspenseful and fast moving, Atapi Sorceress captures the essence of conflicting alien societies and the power of being true to one’s nature.

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