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Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection (Beyond Coincidence Stories)

Length: 149 pages1 hour


Did you ever experience something that you felt couldn't have happened simply by coincidence - that perhaps an unknown force entered your life to take charge? Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection is filled with these kind of 'Beyond Coincidence' inspiring stories, written by winners of the Tales2Inspire global, annual writers' contest. Although often compared to the "Chicken Soup For the Soul" series,Tales2Inspire books offer two distinctive features that set them apart: Each book is gift sized, to keep pace with our contemporary fast paced life styles, and original photographs embedded in each story enhance the reader's experience.

The Emerald is the gemstone that symbolizes psychic powers and the promotion of self-knowledge, the ideal gem to represent this collection of 'Beyond Coincidence' stories.

In this collection you will be treated to stories such as:
. a lost dog who landed in a garden many miles from home at the very same moment the garden owner's husband meets up with its distraught woman, frantically searching for her beloved Aussie

. how through meeting a stranger in a German cemetery, this author learns the history of her heroic grandfather, who saved the lives of thousands of people while sacrificing his own
. when all attempts to save the life of a frozen newborn baby fail, one doctor gets inspiration during a quiet moment of meditation
. a lace tablecloth reunites an elderly couple, long separated - each now presuming the other one dead
. displaced following the atrocities of WW II, a young Polish couple meet with instant attraction, become separated, then unexpectedly rediscover one another many thousands of miles from home
. a baby born without legs, thanks to her adoption parents, never knows the word 'handicapped', but instead she becomes a word class aerialist
. two elephants who have never forgotten the love and devotion they felt for one another, and show it in remarkable ways
These are just a few of the inspiring stories that will warm your heart, uplift your spirits, and sometimes leave you gasping the single word, "unbelievable ".

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