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The Laws of Man: As Told by a Guy Aspiring to be One

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It is outrageous for cultures to define an adult male as being such based on gender and age alone. The definition of a man is much more complex and that definition should be upheld as a badge of honor in society, not merely a gender label. If an adult male doesn't meet society’s expectations, nor abide by the laws of man then he's just another boy not yet worthy of the title. Simply having a Y chromosome and going through puberty doesn't qualify one as a man. Many cultures and religions have traditions for those on the journey to manhood. Maasai culture has their Enkipaata, Jewish tradition celebrates the age of religious responsibility with Bar Mitzvahs, the Japanese celebrate Seijin-no-Hi, and some young boys in the Brazilian Amazon endure the Bullet Ant Initiation. All of these cultural traditions have their significance and importance, but my sons won't grow up in Kenya or Tokyo and thankfully we don't have any bullet ants in our concrete jungle. Manhood is a journey of numerous experiences which are essential to the desired end process. This guidebook contains those character building experiences, and as such are the laws of man. A few man laws might be debated, but each one is guided by concrete principles such as integrity, resilience, humility, and by a male’s unique ability to write his name in the snow.

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