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A Modern Romance 4

Length: 33 pages23 minutes


Would society's issues change if in 2016 half the world was convinced they discovered the only true daughter of God? This is what happen to Felicitee as a result of a social experiment spiralling out of control. Felicitee know she is a mortal being who desire to love and be loved. Could Ronan Babtiste be that man? Will her impassioned followers allow it? The short story fiction eBook ‘A Modern Romance 4, A Social Experiment’ depicts a romantic message to the mind of every eye that comes across it. It is a great piece for the modern reader because all the characters in it are well developed; the story is quite captivating with some of its parts pointing in the present and the past of every reader. “Love is an essential need of the soul; no person can experience happiness and bliss if he or she is not loved. Just like our body needs regular doses of food, love too is required for the soul at regular intervals.”

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