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In the Dead of Winter

Length: 98 pages2 hours


It was a dark and stormy night, yeah, no that’s not right. It was “dark and stormy” but that was only because it happened in the middle of winter. What else was the weather supposed to be like bright and sunny? Please. You should know by now that line is just a scare tactic nine times out of ten though this is a horror story of the truest form. One that I never could have imagined let alone would have seen coming; I never thought it could end like this, nobody did. My name is Paige. I’m just your average twenty two year old woman. I was normal before all this. I work, or rather used to before all murders happened, in a rustic little restaurant called Mama Bear’s Cabin. Well it was a coffee shop slash cafe that served amazing pastas for dinner but you get the idea. I was normal and happy in my old life. Everything was prefect, at least that's what I thought when everything went horribly wrong.

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