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Golden Solipsism

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Something strange and scary happened last Labor Day weekend. After surviving a terrible tragedy that took the lives of his father and grandfather, Carlos Rodriguez is on a quest with his best friend Worm to understand why his dark Spanish hair has been turning snow-white in color. The friends eventually find out Carlos’ unique ‘allergy’ affects one person every 100 years, or so they thought.

Immense fun, adventure, first kisses, riches, tears and peanut butter and tomato sandwiches fill the hot summer days in the gold mining town of Eagle Creek. Exploration and deception keep everyone busy during the school vacation prior to the start of their first year at Gold Mount High School, where they learn more than they would ever imagine.

The friends’ quest is a captivating series of a suspenseful view into the unknown. The summer will be one for the books: record books, science books, unwritten books and bank books. Everything is not always what it seems when one enters into the depth of the unexplored imagination.

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