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The Trespassing of Souls

Length: 580 pages9 hours


Have you ever felt out of place and struggled to fit in? Seb Thomas has felt that way all is life. A disappointing first day at upper school sees the pattern of isolation and rejection begin to repeat itself. Already downhearted, matters take a turn for the worse when Seb encounters first an ogre, then sparkling silver figures, doorways that somehow appear and disappear and then a boy who is the leaf-covered image of himself. Now he fears he is losing his mind.
Under the guidance of the school's head teacher, Aelfric Duir, Seb soon learns that there is more to reality than his previously narrow perspective of the world. He is shown the truth about life, about death and about the travel of souls.
But Seb is plagued by self-doubt. He refuses to embrace the role he has been given. When the actions of a malicious soul threatens the lives and souls of Seb, his sister, his friends and Aelfric, Seb must resolve his own internal conflict and find a way to use the power Nature has given him to save them, but, more importantly, to preserve the balance of all realities and protect the freedom and travel of innocent souls.

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