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The Ultimate SEO Bible

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The Ultimate SEO Bible

The Ultimate SEO Bible includes

optimization techniques gained from 8 books, countless websites and three

podcasts. Mason discovered that each source provided different methods:

trial and error finally transformed his ideas into 20 high traffic,

income-generating websites. As no single source covered SEO from topic

selection to ongoing SEO, the Bible was born. Just prior to publication,

Mason added several proprietary solutions for Hummingbird (which caused

plummeting traffic for several of his own sites.) Many hours of random

Google-tinkering passed before the bell rang. The solution was so glaringly

obvious that he thought he had to be wrong. He wasn’t.

Passive income was vital for Mason, who had been laid off like so many

others and needed help to make ends meet. He learned that creating small,

tightly-focused sites would provide income with little or no work providing


1. Proper SEO was used prior to topic selection

   2. The sites were built on an SEO-friendly platform

   3. Each site’s content adhered to certain rules

   4. Rankings are checked on a regular basis and SEO is tweaked


Obviously SEO was the key to a new source of income that didn’t require

much work after the initial setup: though Mason understood the basics, he

knew he needed to go further. After months of intense research, he created

20 sites and experimented.

The end result: 20 income-generating sites and a massive amount of SEO

techniques. Why not place the top-producing on-page, off-page, backlinks,

social media and microdata procedures into one single source? “Finally a

book on SEO that I can really understand! I just love the author’s

laid-back style and humor. I learned that my page rank was horrible: 139.

Thanks to the Bible’s simple walk-thrus, I’m ranked 2 now!” -- Maria Sadover.

Several of Mason’s small sites grew into authority sites, due to yet more

research. The Bible also contains methods for growing and maintaining sites

that require more effort, but yield far more income. One of the Bible’s

more unique aspects came about because Hummingbird was released just prior

to the Bible’s original publication date: Mason was forced to update it

with his proprietary SEO techniques. “Great comprehensive compilation of

optimization methods, and Mason’s take on Hummingbird is quite the

break-through.” -- Cat LeDevic, SEO professional

Mason has thrown down a challenge. “Prove me wrong, I’ll dedicate the nextprinted Bible version to you, name, site and all!”

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