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Get ready to expand your reading palate!

Volume 2 available November 25, 2016

Six authors, six genres, six bite-sized stories of women living out their faith in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. When the heart is willing to follow, where does the light lead? 

Sample Old West justice. Watch a romance unfold over light years. Laugh as an introvert finagles her way out of a bridal shower. Agonize with an FBI agent as she negotiates for a child's life. Imagine a shape-shifting leopard who tracks down a kidnapper. And peek behind the scenes as a guardian angel argues with a double-talking auto mechanic. Learn again that the light of faith can lead you anywhere.

That's How She Rolls by CL Wells
Sometimes we convince ourselves that something we want just isn’t going to happen. It’s not meant. It must not be in God’s will. Lucky for us, God knows all ours heart’s desires. Better still, God knows what we need. When we least expect it, blessings fall down upon us and everything changes.

Leopard's Find by Kimberly A. Rogers
Ever wonder what your favorite characters were doing before you read about them for the first time? Sparks fly whenever Raina and Baran from The Therian Way are together. But what exactly was she doing before she met him?

Whatever Raina’s up to, it’s never boring.

Upsie-Daisy by Jane Lebak
Did you know guardian angels have a sharp sense of humor? It’s a requirement for the job, otherwise they’d run screaming instead of dealing with us. If you’re new to the Lee and Bucky stories, welcome to the world of sarcastic mechanics and pun-slinging angels. This story takes place about four months before any of the full-length novels, that way you can dive right in.

Circular Horizon by Bokerah Brumley
As a speculative fiction writer, I’m forever intrigued with the ‘what if.’ For instance, what if there was real-world science fiction featuring a God-fearing astronaut? This brain-wandering led to a story, and I briefly explore this idea with Mae McNair in Circular Horizon. 

'Tis So Sweet by Faith Blum
Eleanor Miller has always loved her younger brother, even through all the bad things he has done. But when he almost kills a man, she needs to let him go and trust God to draw him to Himself. Will she find out how sweet it is to trust Jesus in everything, no matter what happens?

The Quinn Case by Julie C. Gilbert
Law enforcement’s a tough career to make it in both physically and emotionally. The Quinn Case takes place several years before the events in Heartfelt Cases Book 1: The Collins Case. Herein, you’ll meet a young FBI Special Agent named Ann Davidson who must find a missing child even as she struggles to put another case behind her.

Immerse yourself in six clean, sweet, Christian novelettes in this awesome multi-author anthology fiction box set....and maybe encounter your next favorite author!

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Where the Light May Lead - Faith Blum

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’Tis So Sweet Copyright © 2016, Faith Blum

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Where the Light May Lead is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and incidents are from the authors’ imaginations. Any similarities to real people, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

All Scriptures are quoted from the King James Bible as found on www.biblegateway.com.

Get ready to expand your reading palate!

Six authors, six genres, six bite-sized stories of women living out their faith in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. When the heart is willing to follow, where does the light lead?

Sample Old West justice. Watch a romance unfold over light years. Laugh as an introvert finagles her way out of a bridal shower. Agonize with an FBI agent as she negotiates for a child's life. Imagine a shape-shifting cat who tracks down a kidnapper. And peek behind the scenes as a guardian angel argues with a double-talking auto mechanic. Learn again that the light of faith can lead you anywhere.

Faith Blum **  Bokerah Brumley ** Julie C. Gilbert

Jane Lebak ** Kimberly A. Rogers ** C.L. Wells

Welcome to our literary table!

Dear Reader,

Have you ever seen a kid at Thanksgiving devouring nothing but bread? When you do, you probably ask him why.

All the food is weird, he says, pointing to the stuffing and the cranberry sauce, then glaring at the marinated mushrooms and the grilled asparagus. I’ve never eaten it before, and I’m not going to now either.

If you try some, you suggest, you may like it.

I know what I’m getting with bread, he says, reaching for another roll. And I know I’m going to like it.

Sometimes readers get stuck that way too. We know what we like, and we keep reaching for more of the same. And that’s good, to a point. But there’s a literary Thanksgiving table laid out before us, and we can sample more than just the bread and butter.

We’ve all heard people agree that they read Christian fiction, and yet when they talk more to each other, it turns out neither has read anything the other person has. They exchange recommendations, and suddenly new worlds are open to both. I didn’t know you could have Christian speculative fiction! I didn’t realize Christian romance could be so multifaceted! Who knew Christian regency romance was a thing?

Because it turns out that just as God made many different types of Christian personalities, God also made many different types of Christian writers! And that means many different types of Christian stories, many different paths to Christ, and a nearly-infinite number of ways to appreciate God in His infinite mercy and love. We’ll never exhaust all the ways of looking at God, but we certainly can expand our perspectives on Him.

So to that end, welcome to our feast! We’ve laid out before you six novelettes in six different genres so you can ladle out a bit of a new genre onto your reading plate without committing to a whole novel. A novelette is a bit longer than a short story but not quite as long as a novella, making it the perfect size to read on your lunch hour or in a waiting room. It’s just long enough to immerse yourself in a genre you might never have tried...and which you may find you really like!

Load up your plate with novelettes by Faith Blum, Bokerah Brumley, Julie C. Gilbert, Jane Lebak, Kimberly A. Rogers, and C.L. Wells. Then tuck in to a dinner with more varieties than you’ve tasted in a long time.

May God’s blessings and peace be upon you,

The Team

That’s How She Rolls

by C.L. Wells

Sometimes we convince ourselves that something we want just isn’t going to happen. It’s not meant. It must not be in God’s will. Lucky for us, God knows all ours heart’s desires. Better still, God knows what we need. When we least expect it, blessings fall down upon us and everything changes.

Chapter 1

Tessa pulled up to the building and cut the engine to her sputtering car. Taylor Swift’s voice kept pouring from the speakers even after she pulled the keys out of the ignition.

Next to the entrance was a sign staked in the soil with clusters of hot pink and silver balloons attached in opposing corners. It read, Lexi’s Last Stand Enter Here. Tessa rolled her eyes at the reference to her co-worker’s bridal shower. The music finally stopped.

Here we go, Tessa muttered.

As she reached for the handle, she glanced around at the gravel parking lot. It was packed! A peek at her phone told her she was only a few minutes late. Maybe she’d just go in for a few minutes, let Lexi see her, and then sneak out.

A realization interrupted her contemplations, and Tessa whipped around to look at her empty backseat. She’d left Lexi’s present at home. Groaning, she turned back around and rested her hands on the steering wheel.

Now she couldn’t make herself get out of the car. Besides, with the exception of a few co-workers, she wouldn’t know anyone else in there. Did she really want to have to explain why she came giftless?

Tessa blew out her breath. Why did she agree to come? Events like this always ended badly for her. Unmarried and without any prospects, bridal showers and weddings topped the chart in the ‘rubbing her nose in poo’ category. Completely sick of twenty-something, thin, happy brides who looked like a million bucks in anything they wore, she’d rather punch them in their pretty little faces and go eat a bag of Doritos.

Bitter much, Tessa? she said to herself. Her best friend, Anne, was supposed to have accompanied her but bowed out at the last minute. Puking children tended to be a showstopper. 

I’m going home...

But if she went home, her outfit would be wasted. She didn’t dress up often these days.

Okay, so I’ll leave and go somewhere else.

That settled it. She needed to pick up a few things from the store anyway. Her mood instantly brightened knowing she wouldn’t be subjecting herself to a room full of firm, toned, and happy people. Maybe she’d go by the cheap theater and see if anything interesting was playing.

She could afford a two-dollar movie ticket. She couldn’t afford the snack prices, but she’d stop by the dollar store and grab some candy to carry in her purse. Anne thought she was awful for doing such things. But the way Tessa saw it, she wasn’t keeping them from making any money they would have otherwise made. There’s no way she’d spend four or five dollars on a bag of M&Ms even if she didn’t bring her own. Not even if she could afford it.

Spending time alone was the norm nowadays. Not that she was a total recluse by any means. Every other weekend she went to Anne’s for an adult game night. It wasn’t anything risqué... but the kids were in bed and out of their hair. Plus Anne’s oldest daughter loved to come stay the night sometimes. Tessa loved Anne’s kids... in proper doses.

With her mind made up, Tessa turned the key.

Nothing happened.

Her hunk of junk, a ’93 Ford Taurus, didn’t even groan.  With rusted out wheel-wells, a cracked windshield, and an oil leak that left a spot everywhere she parked, it had probably given up the ghost for good, and she’d had it less than a month. Granted she only paid eight hundred for it, but she expected it to give her a year or two!

The country boy who’d sold it to her had seemed so genuine. He’d specifically said, ‘This car ain’t much to look at, but she’s been dependable and as long as you keep oil in her, she’ll do ya right.’ Tessa wondered if the fact he’d been easy on the eyes had affected her ability to make an intelligent decision. After all, he’d winked and tipped his hat toward her. Now she felt like an idiot. He’d known a sucker when he saw one.

What a scammer! The pretty little liar had duped her. Tessa groaned in frustration.

Her mama’s voice echoed in her mind. You get what you pay for, Tessa.  The voice was as clear as if she’d spoken to her just yesterday. But it’d been over four months since she’d heard that beautiful sound. Tessa’s eyes dampened.

No time for that.

She tried the key again. Same result. Furious, she pounded her steering wheel with her fist and shouted obscenities at her vehicle. In the midst of her tantrum, her hair began to come undone, leaving an off centered, wobbly bun.

Why? Tessa threw her hands up and slumped against her seat.  Her chest heaved. Tilting her head back she pinched the bridge of her nose. 

This is going to be so embarrassing. I have to walk in there and tell Lexi my car won’t start.

Hey, Lexi. Tessa tested the idea out loud. Do you think you could leave your bridal shower and give my car a jump real quick? Not happening.

Maybe I should leave my car here and walk home. That’s stupid. I can call dad, but... he lives half an hour away. And tonight is his bowling night.

She didn’t want to interrupt his plans. Time with his friends helped... a lot. They didn’t remind him of his wife, or ex-wife... 

This is ridiculous!

He’d be upset if he knew she didn’t call him for help when she needed it, but since he wouldn’t know, it wouldn’t matter.

But how long can I hide before someone sees me and tries to usher me inside?

Tessa snarled through clenched teeth. She could hear the music from inside now. But then the music stopped as quickly as it had started. On again. Off again.  Games had obviously begun.

Are they playing dance freeze? She definitely didn’t want to go in there.

Think, Tessa, think! Okay, I’m calm, she said as if the car had refused to start because of her attitude. With purposeful control, she turned the key one more time. Nothing.  Again, she lost it.

Really? Right now? You stupid piece of...!

A tap on her window startled her and she yelped. Sucking in air, slowly she turned her head and found herself looking into a pair of pretty brown eyes lit in amusement. His smile was kind, though he barely held back his laughter.

Need some help? You appear... distressed. The voice was muffled but audible.

Tessa’s face burned knowing this man had witnessed her reenactment of an angry mare.

Because she had no other choice, she rolled her window down. Lucky for her, it was all manual, otherwise she would’ve had to open the door.

Um, hi... How much of that did you see?

He tilted his head and twisted his mouth as if in thought.

I pulled in just a few seconds after you, so, all of it.

Tessa put her fingers to her temple.

Should I have lied? he asked.

Would’ve been nice. She sighed. Too late now.

Sorry. His wide grin indicated otherwise.

You don’t look sorry, she replied dryly.

Sorry, he said again and then laughed. At first, I thought maybe I’d try to walk in at the same time as you. I didn’t want to go in alone. But then you didn’t get out right away and, uh, it’s just... well, that was quite a display.

His smile was contagious and Tessa found herself smiling back at him. The guy was cute. More than cute actually. He could’ve been plucked straight from one of her romance novels. Rugged.

Ruggedly handsome.

His smile reached his eyes, which wrinkled at the corners. And he had the cutest dimples ever. She guessed him to be early to mid-thirties. Not too much older than herself.

Yeah, well... It’s been a rough day. She didn’t mention most of her days were rough nowadays. This just sealed the deal.

Well, let’s see if I can help make it a bit better. He straightened and then tapped the roof of her car. Pop your hood, then followed with, please. If you don’t mind.

Tessa put her hands up in surrender.

Trust me, I do not mind. She began looking under the dash. Sorry for being a girl about this, but this is a ‘new to me’ jalopy, and I’m not seeing the hood release. The car had been hers for exactly three weeks. The Honda she’d been driving since she was seventeen had to be salvaged. She’d junked it for three hundred dollars. Combining it with the five hundred in her saving account, she got this hot mess.

He leaned into her window. Tessa held her breath. His closeness unnerved her. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, he spotted the lever right away and reached in and pulled it. The hood popped up an inch or so, and he walked to the front of her car. The smell of his after-shave lingered.

He smells so good. Ugh. Why didn’t I stay on my diet?

Tessa couldn’t help but notice his stride as he walked back to the front of the car. It was slow and relaxed.

It’ll be a miracle if you can make it work again. It was a lame attempt at conversation, she knew.

Good thing I know Someone in the miracle business. His smile disappeared behind the raised hood.

Tessa stared at the hood where his face had been. Was he referring to God? Tessa wrinkled her nose. She hoped not. He was too sexy to be a ‘good boy.’ Not that she was used to bad boys or any boys... men, that is.  Not anymore anyway.

Tessa could barely remember her last date. She’d been on exactly one date since her last relationship ended and before she found out her mom was sick. Honestly, she couldn’t even think of the guy’s name she went out with. Rob? Bob? Bill? Who knew? However, she did remember the worst case of halitosis ever.

Wondering if she should get out of the car, she caught a glimpse of herself in the rearview mirror.

Oh my gosh! She hissed. Her hair was a wreck! Lose stands poked straight out from the sides. Her bun had flopped over dead. Frantically removing bobby pins one at a time and placing them in between her lips, she held her bun with one hand, while her other hand rifled through her purse feeling for her comb.

Try to start it for me, please.

Mmm kay, she said through her pressed lips. She turned the key. Nothing, she tried to say. It sounded more like, ‘nef-heh.’

The cute guy peered at her over the top of the open hood. She saw his eyebrows go up.

Oh, Lord, help me. Today is going from bad to worse to... I don’t even know.

The irony of her request wasn’t lost on her. Tessa rolled her eyes and focused on fixing her hair.

Finally, her fingers found her comb, and she swept loose strands back into place. Reworking the bun the best she could, she began sliding bobby pins back into the thick mass.  Right as she finished, he walked over.

Turn your lights on for me. She did as he asked.

Not your battery. Your lights are bright. He disappeared behind her hood again. A few minutes later he walked over to her window.

Looks like you need a new crank sensor. I could be wrong, but they’re not very expensive. Jump in my truck, and I’ll run you to the parts store.

Tessa paused.

What if he’s a psychopath? Well if he is, at least he’s a handsome one.


Sure, he said. She noted a bit of a drawl.  He leaned in close again. I’d much rather do this than go in there, he said, pointing his thumb toward the building.

Wait. Tessa’s eyebrows drew together. This is a bridal shower. I thought it only included women.

My daughter is a bridesmaid, but since she’s thirteen, she doesn’t get to stay for everything. Apparently some of the later festivities are adult only. If you know Lexi, then you could probably guess.

Yep. I can guess.

Daughter? Probably has a wife too?

Tessa couldn’t stop her disappointment at the thought.

Lexi welcomed me to come in for the early festivities, then I’ll take my daughter home, before they move on to phase two. He held up two fingers. But I really don’t feel the need to be here for too much of it. Then he asked, So how do you know the bride-to-be?

Lexi and I work together. Tessa shrugged. She’d told me I’d better not cop out, and now she will never believe I wasn’t copping out.

No? He said it like a question, but the amused look retuned. So you were just going to park somewhere else?

Tessa froze.  She forgot she’d been trying to leave.

Oh, yeah. I was copping out. Tessa grabbed her purse, and the man opened her door for her. Thanks.

I’m Tim by the way.

Tessa blushed. How could she not have thought to ask his name?

Tessa. She accepted his outstretched hand and shook. Nice to meet you, Tim. And thank you. I would have hated to go in there after all this.

Tim opened the passenger door of his truck for Tessa. She grimaced when she realized she’d have to use the small step to get in the truck. Something like this would be no big deal to thinner women, but she felt like a moose climbing a wire fence. A second later, his hands were at her waist. He was just being a gentleman, but his touch electrified her and made her cringe simultaneously. Unable to help herself, she wondered if her extra weight revolted him.

Tessa sank inwardly.

Not like it matters anyway. He’s