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One God, Many Faiths; One Garden, Many Flowers

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Many people know, as if by spiritual instinct, that their own religion, the one they were born into, is not the only way to God. They recognize that they have “adopted” their beliefs mostly from their parents. They acknowledge that, had they been raised in a Buddhist family in China, they would be Buddhists; that had they been raised in a Muslim family in Arabia, they would be Muslims; and that had they been raised in a Jewish family in Israel, they would be Jews. Then how does the chance of being born to a family give an individual the right to think that his or hers is the only way to heaven?
One God, Many Faiths; One Garden, Many Flowers demonstrates by evidence what your inner instinct has already told you. It shows that as the light of the sun transforms into various colors of a rainbow, so does the light of God into various faiths of the world. It indicates that each of the great religions is a part of God’s plan of salvation for humankind, that each of them is a splendid and unique expression of His glory and His ever-luminous and lasting love.
Bahá’ís believe that 1844 marked the beginning of the most glorious Day in human history. It was the time when God shed a new and magnificent spectrum of splendor upon the horizon.
We invite you to pass beyond the clouds and behold this blazing radiance and glory. We invite you to discover for yourself the greatest outpouring of knowledge and truth from God to humankind.
We invite you to embark on a spiritual journey that will lead you to your heavenly hope.
We invite you to examine the Bahá’í pattern for a new world civilization
We invite you to see God's magnificent plan for your own destiny and that of humankind for the next thousand years and more
We invite you to discover how effectively the Bahá’í Faith resolves our persistent social problems, how it strengthens family bonds, inspires high moral standards, and brings back the love of God to the heart of humanity.
One God, Many Faiths will lift you above the threatening and thundering clouds of grief and gloom and show you a new sun rising quietly with blazing beauty and splendor.

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