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The beautiful Sally Henry is murdered in the Cornish cottage she loves. A cottage that has been lent, by her lover, to Laura Street Sellous.
Unbeknown to either woman their house guest has taken in a runaway, Brendon, who has a chaotic past and an unsure future.
While these London residents may that feel they bring a touch of cosmopolitan England to village life they would be wise not to underestimate the ingrained nature of the fishing villages age-old customs.
There are many characters, motives, opportunities and seemingly locals and tourists alike who are above suspicion.
Truth is that Sally was murdered so it’s up to inspector Day, guided by several large doses of intuition from Mrs Day, to bring the murders to justice.
Because the story is revealed through short vignettes which reveal what each character is doing it is ideal for bedtime reading or for when time is not yours to control, i.e. in a dentists or doctors waiting room.
The story will have wide appeal. Young adults can follow the story through the eyes of the teenage daughters. Lovers of crime can follow the police investigation. People wanting human interest stories can follow the individual life stories of the villages and tourists alike. Lovers of intrigue can read the whole story and try to solve the crime before Inspector Day.
The book is written in such a way that it allows the reader to skip characters that they don’t warm to and read only the ones that they do engage with without missing a single clue

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