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Zoe Kavanaugh is clueless about the supernatural world and her place in it, but after she meets an unlikely ally, she discovers the awful truth about her past and the price she'll have to pay to protect the ones she loves.

Eighteen year old Zoe Kavanaugh can't for the life of her remember why she decided to take the plunge and become a witch with a desire she can't explain to develop her power. But she's failing. Until she meets light witch, Connor Jennings -- the man that takes her under his wing and wins her heart.

When a dark witch from Zoe's past shows up to threaten everything -- including the man she loves and his werewolf friend, Shadow -- memories of all he did to her and her family come flooding back. She will risk everything to protect her only friends, rescue the last remaining member of her family, and stop the dark witch that stalks her. Even if it means embracing the darkness.

Sometimes, it's good to be bad....

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