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Sir John Hovey: A Short Story

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A brief preface lays out the vignette biography of Sir John Hovey. Chapter 1 briefly outlines his life after the manner of a Who's Who entry. Chapter 2 discusses his youth and service in hunting down spies in WWI, the formation of The Shropshire Players, and his marriage to Sarah Silverspoon, a Jewish heiress. Chapter 3 notes his rise to fame and how he endeared himself to his audience. Chapter 4 mentions some anecdotes on Sir John's great talent and diligence. He would not fail to upstage an actor failing in performance. His presence all but invariably elicited good performances from fellow players, with one notable exception mentioned in anecdotal form. Chapter 5 discusses Sir John's knighthood in 1952 and how his controversial notions of British culture were overlooked. He turns down his nomination for peerage for the sake of avoiding controversy. Chapter 6 details his retirement motivated by his quest for anonymity that would be brought about by living at least 250 years. His love of acting impels him to continue in the trade in disguise. It is suggested Derek Jacobi might be Sir John, though this is certainly not asserted as incontrovertible fact.

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