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Jumpers Between Worlds

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Jacob Eastman has the ability to jump between worlds. Jumpers between worlds are few and of those who have the ability many have been hunted and killed. For there are those who have come to our world from other worlds and they do not like humans who can jump between worlds. Although those from other worlds look as though they are human they are not.

For the last five years Jacob Eastman has been hunting the alien jumpers between worlds at the same time as they are hunting him. There is an uneasy truce between the humans who can jump between worlds and the aliens. Jacob does not agree with this truce and his belief is that the humans who can jump between worlds need to take the fight to the enemy. This a dangerous strategy and Jacob would be dead by now if it were not for his protector Julia. Jacob knows almost nothing of Julia save what she wants him to know but Julia can tell aliens just by looking at them. Julia looks like she is 35 years old but she is much, much older. She has a house on a world almost at the edge of reality and the two cats who live there with her are both more than fifty years old.

An alien going by the name of Rebecca Fulton sets a trap for Jacob using a beautiful human woman as bait. Rebecca has been sent after Jacob by Lord Huron who has been hunting humans for more than one hundred years. Rebecca Fulton hunts Jacob in a forest on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina and instead of being the hunter Rebecca Fulton becomes the hunted when a group of women called Huldra enter the forest and kill her. The Huldra are shy, avoid civilization when they can and live only in the forests. They take the corpse of Rebecca Fulton with them to another world.

When Lord Huron finds out Rebecca Fulton is missing and that she died violently the three aliens who tell him think he is going to kill them. Lord Huron hunts humans for sport in the northern part of Ontario in an area of Canada near the city of Timmins known as Night Hawk Lake. He chases his prey down with the aid of two hawks called Huginn and Muninn named after the two ravens that belonged to Odin in the Norse sagas. Lord Huron tells the three aliens to find the human Jacob or die in his place and thus begins a hunt across worlds, across dimensions and which at one point will employ the use of Dream Catchers. No sane alien or human ever employs a Dream Catcher. They live at the ends of the universe at the edge of Chaos near worlds that wink in and out of existence in seconds. The Dream Catchers look like human teenagers but they are actually a life form that was there from the very beginning of the universe. They are dangerous and they will kill you in your sleep when you are unprotected. Once the Dream Catchers are set on him Jacob is already dead unless he can take the fight to their world but nobody has ever jumped to the World of the Dream Catchers. Will Jacob succeed. If he does succeed then the Dream Catchers will turn on the aliens who sent them and Lord Huron and his staff wait nervously unsure of the outcome. What will happen? Read on and find out.

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