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Chris Lawler 'One Of A Kind'

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Chris Lawler was born into a military orientated house hold, on the colourful Island of Singapore. where his Officer Father was serving at the time. Which led to a very strict up bring by his Father. Although later Chris was go a little further in recalling that his Father believing he was running the house hold like a military regime. As Chris was certain he thought he was ordering recruits around, when he was ordered to do things. He was forced to join the Army, which turned out to be the start of a complete military way of life. As he went on to join other units, that took him around the world. After a short courtship he was married and started a family. Sadly, there are times when the family spent a lot of time apart, and a major tragedy changed his complete way of life that eventually lead to crime. However, he was later to joined the French Foreign Legion, and travelled to Africa. While later he travelled to Vietnam, Angola. Eventually ending up in the Royal Marines and Northern Ireland.

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