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How to Raise an Adult | Summary

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Many parents today are pressured by society. Society has set very high standards, but parents should set their own standards in life. Setting standards will cultivate a sense of freedom. Many parents think the world is a dangerous place, but it is much safer than they might think. A checklist of things for a child to accomplish in life provides too much structure and takes away from the freedom of childhood. Other parents might try to push their beliefs on you so remain objective when other parents give you advice. Ask your kids what they are learning from other parents. Form relationships with parents who share similar values with you. Take time to educate yourself on ways to educate your children in a positive way. Most people in American society do not know or follow the lessons in this book. You are giving yourself a huge advantage by following these instructions. Just remember that it will not be easy to give your kids the freedom they need but this is something that must be done.

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