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NDT Treasures From The Past: Six Novel Technical Articles Spanning Four Decades of Industrial Radiography

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This book is a collection of six technical articles that I wrote about industrial radiography over a four-decade period of time (1960-1990).
These articles are unique in that they present novel solutions to industrial radiographic problems characteristic of the era in which they occurred. For example, the first article (1961) describes how to determine solid propellant x-ray absorption properties so necessary in determining exposure and image quality requirements for the successful x-ray inspection of Polaris 2nd stage rocket motors.
The last article (1989) is particularly novel because it describes how the development of a new x-ray film system was beneficial to the aerospace investment casting industry by reducing radiographic inspection costs.
I decided to publish this collection because today's industrial radiographer may find them both interesting and perhaps useful in some instances when addressing similar contemporary problems.

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