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Vantage Point

336 pages5 hours


Private investigator Kate Roarty specializes in restoring high-tech intellectual property to the rightful innovators. She is also an open-water long-distance swimmer. While enjoying her regular evening swim at Meech Lake in the Gatineau, Quebec, she discovers a body floating in the water. It is the body of Dr. Vincent Bernard Taylor, research scientist and CEO of the company iBrain. The autopsy reveals a microchip implanted in his brain. Cause of death: homicide. Kate’s expertise draws her into the investigation on contract with the Sûreté du Québec. The theft of the bioengineered micro technology related to the death of the victim takes her to the UK and America on a high-stakes, action-packed pursuit of the truth. She is running ahead of the culprits, international intelligence, drones, bullets, and bombs to solve the crime before the technology is unleashed to carry out disastrous consequences. Her friends and foes are a cadre of research scientists at the top of their game. Romance, suspense, and adventure are her travelling companions, but only unravelling the thread of the technological innovation will solve the crime.

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