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A Practical Guide to Primeval History

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In this new work, McMahon takes the reader through the first 11 chapters of Genesis explaining in practical terms the important aspects of each section by way of commentary, doctrine and practical application.

Primeval history answers questions like: Where did the universe come from? Is there a God? What was God doing before the universe was created? What is God like? Why did God create anything? What is God’s plan for the world? Did God really create the universe in six days? Who were the first people? Why do we die? What is temptation? What is sin? How can we have a right relationship with God? What is a covenant and why did God make covenants with certain people? Why did God destroy the primeval world with a flood? Where did the nations come from? And more…

What do you know about primeval history? Whatever your question is about the early history of the world, from a biblical perspective, this work will help you understand these first 11 chapters of Genesis and God’s plan for the ages thereafter.

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