The Progenitors

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The Progenitors

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The Progenitors is a Science Fiction tale based in the far distance of space and time. Akena is of the Shymyra, a governor of her people. Her world is ancient. Ruins of a 'lost' civilization fill vast expanses of wasteland. The past holds little interest to her people, they live in peace and contented comfort. The 'Progenitors' not only created the Shymyra, but gave them the task of renewing the world while guarding it and its people.
Visitors from a vast alien civilization find the ruins of great interest as they strive to learn of the 'lost' people of this world. Side by side with the ruins, Akena's people own technology that surpasses anything the visitors possess. The visitors are allowed to seek the past within the ruins, they are forbidden to explore Akena's technology. The visitors constantly press these restrictions, seeking treasures both of the past and of superior technology.
Akena's world is a dangerous place. Many of those dangers come with the visitors. When a visitor's craft is attacked and crashes in a remote forest, Akena finds it is her duty to investigate when the visitors fail to do so. Akena's curiosity is piqued by the visitors' behavior. What she finds at the crash site only creates more questions. And... she finds a young human survivor. Akena must escort this young man across a wilderness and return him to his people. She hopes to find answers along the way.

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