Don't Get Caught: Overcome Offense and Strife

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Don't Get Caught: Overcome Offense and Strife

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We live in a world of victim mentality and a culture of offense, with many people taking offense and getting in strife with anyone who has a different opinion from theirs. Additionally, it often seems the church is ground zero for offense and strife, some even splitting over silly things like the color of the new sanctuary carpet or what decorations to put on the platform.

How do we keep our hearts right with the Lord while living in a world surrounded by people in offense and strife? If we’ve been caught up in offense and strife, how do we pull ourselves out of that and learn to walk in love? How do we deal with unfairness and injustice? This book provides the understanding of how offense and strife works, teaching the reader about the traps of the enemy and how to avoid getting caught!

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