Taken By Strangers 3 Story Bundle

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Taken By Strangers 3 Story Bundle

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Length: 175 pages2 hours


In this saucy collection of dominating strangers sharing submissive women, it is truly the more the merrier! The more alpha males, that is. This collection of sensual seductions contains women surrendering to sexy men in trains, pools, offices, and student lounges.

Taken In Public By The Transit Strangers
Dominic knows she was the one from the moment he laid eyes on her. He was going to fondle her, strip her, and take her hard. All before learning her name.
Olivia losses much more than her undergarments when she stepped aboard the early Sunday train. The mysterious strangers on the transit awaken primal desires within her prim and proper exterior.
Welcome aboard the Chikan Train, where women are stripped, fondled, fingered, and taken hard by sexy alpha males in every way imaginable.

Taken In Public By The Customers
Vivian is fine with working on Sundays until the six sexy men suddenly show up at her workplace demanding the impossible -HER.
An overenthusiastic friend has decided to help her out by sending the five sexiest, most dominant alpha males she knows to keep her company. The moment they locked the glass door behind them, Vivian is completely at the mercy of their insatiable, hard lust. When they reveal the many toys at their disposal, she is lost completely.

Taken In Public By The Medical Students
When Jane starts lactating after a steamy encounter in the swimming pool, she panics and runs to her medical friends for help.
The doctors-in-training callously prod and pinch her sensitive flesh to figure out what could have caused her spontaneous problem. It seems like the more they touch her, the more cream she produces... and the doctors will leave no inch of her untouched as she surrenders wholly to their expert hands.

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