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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (9 ratings)
Length: 651 pages12 hours


Eliminate everyone who knows...

Off the island of Crete an illicit diver finds a 30-year-old aircraft on the seabed. He recovers a steel case containing four sealed flasks from amongst the corpses still trapped inside. Within twelve hours he succumbs to a hideous death.

Agency trouble-shooter Paul Richter is sent to investigate, but encounters far more questions than answers. Why has the CIA ordered the total destruction of the aircraft’s remnants? Why is a hit team roaming the island? Who is targeting members of the hit team itself? And why are retired agents back in America facing professional assassination?

As Richter gets ever-closer to unravelling a decades-old secret, even he is unprepared for the sheer horror that awaits.

James Barrington continues the Paul Richter series in this nail-biting techno-thriller for fans of Chris Ryan, David Baldacci and Robert Ludlum.

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