Spear Garden

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Spear Garden

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Length: 135 pages1 hour


A coup is brewing in Belarus, the last dictatorship in Europe. Oleg Shorets, the country’s desperate Prime Minister, is devising a fake terrorist attack he can blame on Al Qaeda, using a devastating new weapon, and the more collateral damage the better. Thousands will die.

Meanwhile, when it’s discovered that the weapons used to kill two U.S. Border Patrol agents came from Hector Vasquez, a previously untouchable Cuban arms merchant, the CIA decides to take him out, sending its most lethal weapon: covert operative Blake Mackay.

Things take a dangerous turn, however, and Blake barely escapes with his life. He uncovers a deeper plot that involves the arms dealer, terrorists, and a corrupt Eastern European leader.

After a disastrous raid on an Al Qaeda safe house, Blake discovers the one thing he thought he’d never find – a traitor inside his own organization. To decipher the clues he has found, he must return to Cuba and the only person who can help him – Vasquez’s daughter.

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