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The Balderdash Saga - Special Edition: The Balderdash Saga Shorts, #4

The Balderdash Saga - Special Edition: The Balderdash Saga Shorts, #4

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The Balderdash Saga - Special Edition: The Balderdash Saga Shorts, #4

126 pages
1 hour
Apr 24, 2016


For all the flowers left on the graves.

Reviewer Tyler Quevedo says of The Balderdash Saga series: "I originally read the story on my own first, not sure how dark the subject matter would be for young children with a story about an undead princess, but quickly my mind was put to ease as the story progressed. It covers all sorts of great topics that I value in a good story for children (and adults): Morality, Integrity, Loyalty, adventure, a small dash of romance, and most of all imagination. The vocabulary wasn't too difficult for the kids, and yet there were still occasional words along the way that needed explanation, further broadening their horizons as future book connoisseurs. ... If you're looking for a short read with great life lessons and core values for a budding adult, I'd recommend this book!"

From the author of "The Underground Princess", which Mother Daughter Book Reviews calls "A little gem of a book - brilliantly written."

Includes all 3 short stories released under "The Balderdash Saga Shorts" series:

  • Hurlock the Warrior King
  • Roland the Pirate Knight 
  • Scarlet the Kindhearted Princess

INCLUDED: An EXCLUSIVE short story available only here: "Screech the Feathered Guardian"

INCLUDED: 12 exclusive color illustrations available only here.

Evolved Publishing presents J.W. Zulauf's special edition of "The Balderdash Saga Shorts," a series of lower grade fairytale short stories with an always fun, slightly dark edge. [DRM-Free]

Whether you like action, adventure, mystery or love, "The Balderdash Saga" encompasses them all, and so much more. Author J.W. Zulauf and illustrator Luke Spooner take the reader on an unforgettable journey through the underground kingdom known as Balderdash.

Stories by J.W. Zulauf:

  • The Balderdash Saga, Book 1: The Underground Princess
  • The Balderdash Saga, Book 2: The Prince's Plight
  • The Balderdash Saga, Book 3: The Shaman's Salvation
  • Hurlock the Warrior King - A Balderdash Saga Short Story
  • Roland the Pirate Knight - A Balderdash Saga Short Story
  • Scarlet the Kindhearted Princess - A Balderdash Saga Short Story
  • The Balderdash Saga - Special Edition - A Balderdash Saga Short Story Collection
  • Kingdom in Chains, Book 1: Kingdom in Chains

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Apr 24, 2016

About the author

I would love to say that from the second I could use my fingers, I began to write, but I can’t. Sure there were times through my life when writing surfaced and fell away, but the truth is, I couldn’t even read all that well through most of my teens. Then one day, my father gave me a copy of The Stand by Stephen King, and even though it took me a year to finish, I did it. This experience changed my life. From that point, I strove to become the best reader and writer I could be. I was driven by an unbelievable passion to become a writer, and here I am. I truly started from the bottom and worked hard to become who I am now. I am a believer in the words. Reading saved my life. Writing made my life.

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The Balderdash Saga - Special Edition - J.W. Zulauf





A Short Story Collection

Copyright © 2016 J.W. Zulauf

Cover Art Copyright © 2016 Luke Spooner


ISBN (EPUB Version): 1622533402

ISBN-13 (EPUB Version): 978-1-62253-340-4


Editor: Deb Hartwell

Senior Editor: Lane Diamond


eBook License Notes:

You may not use, reproduce or transmit in any manner, any part of this book without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations used in critical articles and reviews, or in accordance with federal Fair Use laws. All rights are reserved.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination, or the author has used them fictitiously.

Other Books by J.W. Zulauf

The Balderdash Saga (Novels)

Book 1: The Underground Princess

Book 2: The Prince’s Plight

Book 3: The Shaman’s Salvation


The Balderdash Saga (Short Stories)

Roland the Pirate Knight

Hurlock the Warrior King

Scarlet the Kindhearted Princess

Special Edition (A Short Story Collection)




What Others Are Saying about The Balderdash Saga:


The Underground Princess:

"This fabulous book completely took me by surprise. When I read the book summary I thought to myself, ‘Oh dear, a zombie book for middle grade.’ But, this book is nothing like what I expected. This book features brilliant writing from the author, believable and relatable characters (yes, even though they are ‘dead’), and a clever yet simple plot. The story uses basic themes pulled from classic fairy tales (e.g., girl wants to fall in love, evil person trying to rule the world, girl finds true love, etc.); but, the twist of having dead (and decaying) characters living in an underground world provides unique and innovative scenarios which resulted in the creation of a riveting and original story.

"A word about the illustrations... the book features roughly one illustration (by Luke Spooner) per chapter and for a middle grade audience; that is definitely a good thing! Because the book features characters who are in various states of decay, I felt that it was not only appropriate to include images of the characters but advantageous so that children’s imaginations would not lead them to something more frightening than what is depicted in the story. While the illustrations are creepy, they are not frightening so I felt the illustrator did a good job in depicting various scenes and characters in such a way to not give children nightmares.

"My Bottom Line: The Underground Princess is a fabulous and unique book that completely took me by surprise. It features exceptional writing, relatable characters, and a very clever plot with underlying messages about loyalty, courage, beauty, and love. I highly recommend this book to children ages 6 to 12 as a great read-aloud book or for those interested in reading something with a touch of macabre. This one is definitely a candidate for a Hidden Gem Award by MDBR in the future!" – Renee at Mother Daughter Book Reviews


The Underground Princess:

"I found the writing itself to be superb, and the illustrations and overall quality of the book (I have the paperback edition) are first-rate!

"Some parents may think the subject matter is too dark, but don’t be fooled. Although it deals with corpses, the author skillfully creates a rich fantasy world filled with so many fun characters that your little reader (as was the case with my nine-year-old daughter) will soon forget the princess and her pals are corpses at all.

"As a parent, I really appreciated the positive messages embedded in the story (acceptance, the importance of responsibility, being kind to one another, etc.) and I was also particularly impressed with how the author introduces some challenging words without bogging down the text or, worse yet, intimidating the young readers the book is geared toward. He has done a fine job here, and it’s obvious he is deeply invested in not only encouraging kids to read, but maximizing their enjoyment of the experience as well!

Though my daughter is still reading this book, she looks forward each night to reading the next chapter, and I look forward to buying the forthcoming books in the series.Dale L. Elster


For all the flowers left on the graves.

Table of Contents

Title Page


Other Books by J.W. Zulauf


Roland the Pirate Knight – A Short Story

Hurlock the Warrior King – A Short Story

Scarlet the Kindhearted Princess – A Short Story

Screech the Feathered Guardian – A Short Story

Bonus/Concept Art by Luke Spooner


About the Author

About the Illustrator

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Roland stepped onto the plank and backed away from the angry pirates.

Ye scurvy bilge rat! Captain Oakheel jabbed his sword toward him.

The old, rot-covered board swayed, causing Roland to lose his balance. Below, sparkling blue water sloshed against the side of the Sea Bride, and globs of chum floated across the surface like bloody jellyfish.

Roland raised his hands as if to surrender. Ye don’t have to do this, mateys. In fact, what say ye drop me back off at Seaport and let’s forget this ever happened, aye?

Claret, the redheaded woman, stepped beside the captain and slammed her fist on the gunwale. We never should’ve trusted you!

From behind her came the deep, throaty voice of Pitch. You cut my knots!

Roland ignored the group of pirates and focused on a fin that moved in circles through the chum below. It be all for naught if I die. A chill crept underneath his thick, black beard. His equally black hair danced in the wind, and the shredded remains of his long red bandana softly whipped at his face. He wore a brown baldric

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