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Mother Nature walks out on humanity...

A stoned crow has a bizarre religious experience...

Two white lab rats carry out an outrageous experiment on a research scientist...

Britain goes to the dogs...

These are some of the weird and wonderful tales told by the world-famous “monkey with a typewriter”, the macaque Jaxy Mono, in Zootopia - his follow-up to his smash hit of “monkey lit”, The Book Of Dubious Beasts.

Zootopia is suitable for children and adults from 8 to 80, and it is beautifully illustrated with drawings by renowned artist Dmitry Pousirev. It contains such classic once-read-never-forgotten stories as Mother Nature, The Arctic Penguin, The Crow, and The Eletiger.


“The book of life is written with an alphabet of only four letters – A, T, G and C. Yet these four letters, repeated in endless variations, are enough to spell out the recipes for life forms as diverse as bacteria, fungae, plants, insects, fish, birds, mammals, and even a singularly pompous, pretentious, and self-important species of old world monkey called Homo sapiens.

So, just imagine what weird and wonderful creatures could be invented using all twenty-six letters of the alphabet; from doggypotamuses and rat-toothed catypusses, to winged cargo mammoths and elephanzees. The possibilities are mind-boggling!

Of course, the cynics amongst you will object that it is almost infinitely unlikely that a macaque tapping away at the screen of an iPad could hit upon a sequence of letters that resulted in even a fictitious life-form. That would require a God-like author with conscious intent.

But isn’t Mother Nature herself really no more than a monkey with a typewriter; blindly tapping out A, T, G and C over and over, until she hits upon the code of a valid life-form?

And, surely, what’s good enough for Mother Nature should be good enough for us, her children...”

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