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Cringe, My Darling

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Calesta, a medieval princess, wants nothing more than to be free of the tyranny of a man known only as 'The Tormentor'. Scores of brave knights have tried to kill him, to free the land of his cruel iniquity - in vain. He always seems to be one step ahead, he always seems to get away.
Now Darian, once a henchman for the Tormentor, is on a mission to save Calesta and win her heart, over the dead body of the evil bedeviling violator. Calesta fears for her life and his, and tries to fight alongside her lover, to be free of the dark shadow of agony that clouds their every thought - once and for all.
But the Tormentor does not play fair nor does he intend to. He makes use of a ritual called Midnight Magic which grants him an unlimited supply of power The Tormentor relishes destruction and torture, bloodshed and chaos. Can Darian and Calesta figure out a way to render useless the potent midnight witchcraft before it is too late? Or will they be embroiled in a fight which will not only cost them their lives but their eternal souls as well, so that love will be banished from their hearts ... forever? Is it love or is it torture? A new historical thriller by K. Massari

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