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Not the Marrying Kind

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No marriage. No babies.
Not now. Not ever.
Desiree Sutherland-Colt’s parents want her married, pregnant, and carrying on the family names—preferably yesterday. Attempting to gain control of her life, Desi abandons her oil princess existence and heads out to find herself. A rash decision to sleep with a sexy stranger triggers a chain of events that leads to her cash-strapped and stranded in Detroit.
She only has two choices: run home with her tail between her legs or figure out how the other half lives. Gunner, her bad decision, isn’t such a stranger anymore, though, and he’s determined to help get Desi on her feet—and permanently in his life.
A small apartment and a receptionist job aren’t much, but considering every day—and night—is spent with Gunner, Desi’s finally settling into life in Detroit. But her newly built happiness comes crumbling down when her parents threaten the only thing she can’t live without. If there’s any hope to change their minds, Desi must become exactly what she vowed she’d never be...

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