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Bitten By A Vampire: Pendle Hill Vampire Serial

46 pages30 minutes


Murderous vampires. A young girl fighting for her life. A mysterious vampire lord.

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Nineteen-year-old Anna Lisa was a typical farm girl until a caitiff clan of vampires shattered her life. 

Saved by vampire Lord, Marcus Salsbury, she has nothing left to live for.

Taken in by the family who run the Salsbury estate, Anna tries to recover from her horrific wounds. When sparks fly between Anna and Marcus, she begs to become just like him.

Bitten By A Vampire is a paranormal romance novel. It features fast-paced action, terrifying horror, and an intoxicating courtship. Author T.D. Reed gives you the prequel to the Pendle Hill Vampire Serial.

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The Pendle Hill Vampire Serial is for reading in smaller chunks, like watching a TV series. Most of us lead hectic lives and reading habits have changed. 

If you like the first book, then move on to the second one and so on...

The books are cheap so you control how much you spend. If you don't like the story, you've only spent a small amount and are not left with a huge, expensive unread novel. 

You get a good fill of fiction and you can pick up the next installment anytime you like.

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