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How to Win at Blackjack

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Learn how to win at Blackjack by using the basic strategies and effective habits of successful Blackjack players outlined in this book. Avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls which give the casinos a great advantage so you're playing on a near level field. Playing Blackjack is fun but is even more enjoyable when YOU ARE WINNING.

To be a successful Blackjack player requires more than knowing how to play the game and having advanced strategies to sway the odds. This book will give you these skills but also teach you how to remain in control giving you a much higher chance of walking out of the casino with more money than you started with.

If you'd like to have greater success with your Blackjack playing than what are you waiting for?
Read this concise and easy to follow book to learn:
- The fall and rise of a real, successful Blackjack player
- The 5 most common mistakes
- 8 skills and habits of an effective player
- How to play Blackjack
- Creating a near level playing field and than shifting the odds to your favor with some advanced strategies

BONUS: Includes Blackjack basic strategy charts for tables where dealer stands on soft 17 and when the dealer hits on soft 17

Have fun and BECOME A WINNER!

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