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Maximize Your College Experience : Get the Most Out of Your College Experience for Success Now and In the Future

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A Step-by-Step Roadmap to College Success

Whether you're a young undergrad, returning veteran, or non-traditional student, "Maximize Your College Experience" is the quintessential guide to getting the most out of your college investment.

Through a brash and unapologetic account of his own experiences, author Tim Skjellerup offers himself up as living proof that your past doesn't have to define your future. A single father who once nearly flunked out of community college, he outlines powerful yet simple strategies he used to transform his collegiate career and graduate magna cum laude from Cornell University.

Tim leaves no stone unturned as he explores the many challenges college brings, from organization and self-discipline to partying and relationships. He shows that contrary to popular myth, you don't have to study around the clockâ or sacrifice your social lifeâ to nail a top-tier GPA.

This book will help you:
- Avoid the biggest mistakes made by college students today
- Develop the winning attitude needed to succeed in collegeâ and beyond
- Take control of your future and become master of your own destiny
- Face down your fears and build your self-confidence
- Get your work done more quicklyâ so you can spend more time having fun
- Overcome procrastination and stay motivated
- Develop smart habits that help you maintain a solid GPA
- Study more efficiently (and stop wasting countless hours in the library)
- Cope with stress and stay healthy, in body and mind
...and more!

The book even includes action steps at the end of each chapter to help you put what you've learned into motion.

At times both unsettling and inspirational, "Maximize Your College Experience" empowers you to dig deep, conquer your fears, and uncover your very best self as you start your venture into postsecondary education. Through practical advice and been-there-done-that insight, Tim Skjellerup gives you all the tools you need to excelâ both inside the classroom and out.

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