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Golden Memories of My Life With Ruth & Sam: My Wonderful "Grand" Parents

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Golden Memories of My Life with Ruth and Sam offers insight into the kind of training into manhood; which sadly today, due to liberalism, is lacking in many lives of the unfortunate. Both of my grandparents were of the old school, pioneer spirit. They taught me to have respect for those who earn my respect by their quality of character. Also to earn my own self respect, due to my placing value upon the qualities of character I desire to possess.

Self reliance is missing in the lives of those voting with an attitude of "give me;" and self respect gets thrown out of the window by those lacking in character. Worse yet, many today vote for politicians which are characters, rather than demanding they HAVE character. As the result, many people in America have been ignorantly flushing America down the toilet of history's once great nations.

How very blessed I was to have the upbringing I received. This book contains not only the story of two extraordinary people. It offers a very good guide for parents of today, who desire to see their children grow into respectable men and women.

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