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This Little Piggy: A Disturbing Tale About Wall Street's Lunatic Fringe

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Sandra Martini thought she had it all, a storybook marriage, two loving children, a meaningful career in healthcare, and lots of corporate expense account goodies. But, all hell broke loose when husband Victor met Franklin Ryman, a wealthy, "tarnished" member of Wall Street's dark-side dealmakers, known as "the lunatic fringe."

The morally bankrupt Ryman guaranteed Victor no experience was necessary to become a Wall Street zillionaire, other than "Follow the Leader." Smitten with the notion of becoming filthy rich at the age of 37, Victor waved goodbye to his carefully-cultivated career on Madison Avenue to launch a questionable IPO (Initial Public Offering) with Ryman.

Reluctantly, Sandra agreed to join "the love of her life" on a breath-taking roller-coaster though a seamy side of Wall Street that professional dealmakers deny exists. A world where the only color that matters is green.

When the roller coaster stops, Victor and Sandra are financially and morally bankrupt, their marriage is in shambles, and Victor contemplates a bizarre version of suicide to make amends.

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