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Once Upon a Coin: Travelogues of Coin

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Coin Story is all about life, its variations and spontaneity. It begins with the dramatic birth of the coin and leads to its childhood, adolescence, middle age, to its old age and finally to the end. Like every one of us a coin emotes its feelings ever since it is born and crosses over life of different people it could have been me or you or someone we all know and people who are unknown.

The book promotes the idea that there is not only the human world filled with stories, but the non-human world, or even the vast inanimate world has some feelings to share.

It is actually the human feelings, that we are prone to measure our world with. And our very own world consists of a bunch of inanimate things; our home, the furniture, books, paintings, a stream nearby or a distant mountain. We can unveil our reflection on the things we are fond of.

A one rupee coin is the protagonist of novel - which has been endowed with humane feeling. It is born someday and somewhere with many of its like. When it was brought to the outer world, it was appreciated with many a warm touch of people. It was considered to be a prized possession to them, especially the children. And during so much of financial dealings, there develops a warm bond between it and the human society.

Let the coin unfold its absorbing tale through its autobiography, Once Upon A Coin.

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