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White Stars With Glimmers of Blue: Treasuring the Greatness of Jesus By Fighting the Hidden Insecurity

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The hidden insecurity described in this book is monumentally important because it exist in everyone.This insecurity is intensely troublesome because it directs its victims away from treasuring the greatness of Jesus.Jesus is an all surpassing beautiful treasure but this insecurity, regrettably, implores us to think otherwise, hence the reason why Jesus is precious in the heart of a Christian sometimes and not all the time.Herein. also lays the reason why some, who have not come to faith in Jesus, struggle to entrust their lives over to Him.

We live in an age where fighting insecurities has lost its following as has become a doormat to self-betterment.Instead of following the pattern of this age, we will uncover the insecurity that warrants us to fight it and when we do we will fight it for the hope of treasuring the greatness of Jesus

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