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Cash In On Article Writing: Selling Writer Strategies 1: Selling Writer Strategies, #1

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Want to build a great writing career?

If you're a writer today, you can: 

* Work the hours you choose; 

* Work anywhere you like; 

* Write (almost) what you like; AND 

* Make as much money as you like. 

A great writing career can start with simple articles. 

Here's why. Marketing today is all about content, and content means words, and those words are often in the form of articles.

Wordsmiths have it made. You can get paid for words, more easily than has ever been possible in the history of literature. Words equal content, and today, businesses large and small, as well as publishers, need content to survive.

Build a writing habit -- a simple strategy that turns you into a pro writer

In this book, you'll discover a simple strategy I've taught to many writers since 2005. It works, even if you don't want to write articles and sell them. It works for bloggers, copywriters, and novelists. Here's why: it helps you to build a writing habit.

Ideas and execution: make the most of your ideas, when you discover how to get help from your silent partner

Bestselling authors like Stephen King depend on their subconscious mind to do a lot of the "work" of writing for them. You can too.

This book is for new writers, and for established professionals: start your career, or build a better one.

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