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Have No Fear of the Dental Chair: A Guide for Reducing Dental Fear

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Dr. Susan R. Cushing graduated Cum Laude from Boston College and went on to earn her DMD degree from Tufts University Dental School in Boston, Massachusetts. Have No Fear of the Dental Chair: A Guide for Reducing Dental Fear is a Dental Guide written to answer questions you have about dental anxiety. It is designed to offer you options currently available and a "road map" for finding them. This book allows those with dental anxiety to identify their specific fears and to feel understood, validated and hopeful that they can do something about it. It offers confirmation that you are not alone and that there are dentists that understand and care about what you go through and want to help you overcome whatever has blocked you. The many personal stories shared in this book can offer you renewed hope and inspiration. By learning how others have overcome their dental fear can give you confidence that you too can be relieved of your fear of the dental chair. Additionally, you will find a multitude of suggestions and possibilities that you may have been unaware of that can help minimize and alleviate the fears that are stopping you from going to the dentist. I believe that the sections on NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming provide an insightful introduction to this amazing life changing process. The stories are "real world" and revealing experiences of some of my patients. They show how you too can change your personal experiences during your next dental visit. This book will enlighten all readers on the "reality" of dental anxiety and highlights dental terms and definitions that some of you may have heard of but never quite understood. The goal is to help explain the essence of the fear that you, your friends and/or your loved ones may have regarding dental anxiety and to empower you to be proactive and ask specific questions of your dentist and other dental professionals.

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